contact center speech snapshot

IDENTIFY what is the case which damaging your service most, AMPLIFY what your customers says. Is your agent NOT SAYING any greeting? Is your marketing be HEARD?

Reacting better to your customer's DEMANDS. What is the most STRESSFUL for your customer? And many more ...

how it works


You provides date range and time on which the speech will be analyzed. You also define keywords to be scanned.

Step 2. data extract

Required speech data will be extracted and copied the data into blank external disk. This will be done on your premise, on your environment.

Step 3. Analysis

Using Invision Speech Snapshooter (ISS) Software, we will process your data. No network connectivity needed, it is completely standalone process. The process may take sometime depends on how many speech data loaded.

Step 4. result

We will give you report will contains Positive, Negative, and custom tag that has been set in Step 1. Along side with the recording ID which the tag was found, so the supervisor can access related recording file easily for further action.